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Case Studies

$1.2+M Wrongful Death Settlement

Overview of Case Our client was driving home one evening from work when he came to a stop at a light in Renton. At the same time, an oncoming was approaching and preparing to make a left. As my client’s light turned green, he proceeded straight, and at the same time, the oncoming car turned left and struck our client’s car in its left front corner.   Injuries Sustained Our client went to his doctor with dizziness and tiredness. He also had a bruise on his forearm and a cut on his lip. However, his headaches persisted and he then began to vomit 10 days later, at which point he returned to his doctor and was found to be minimally responsive and groggy. After follow-up care at the ER, he was assessed with subdural hematomas (brain bleeds). The doctors performed burr holes (drilled holes in his scalp to let the

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$1.5+M Wrongful Death Settlement

Overview of Case Our two clients were traveling down SR 522 from Bothell with plans to visit their grandkids in Monroe. In certain sections, the road had only one lane in each direction. A car coming from the opposite direction entered our clients’ lane and struck their car head-on. One client died on impact, the other died shortly after.   Proving Roadway Design Negligence We were able to pursue a negligent roadway design case because, in this particular section of SR 522, there were repeated similar collisions at the same curve.  Further,  the state approved the funds to install dividers between the two lanes, yet they were never installed. Had the dividers been installed, the accident never would have happened, and two lives would have been saved. The wrongful death claims settled for $1.5M, in addition to other compensation received from several car insurance policies.   How to Secure Compensation

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Personal Injury Claims

The Jones Firm Recovers $200,000+ for Car Crash

  A simple rear-end car crash can become complex if the victim has a prior injury that arguably overlaps with the injuries caused by the car crash. This is an issue that Dax has solved countless times with great results over his 20+ years of experience specializing in car crashes.   Overview of Car Accident Our client’s car was struck in the rear end and he injured his neck and back, but his worst injury was to his right shoulder. Before the car crash, he was already on a LnI claim with surgery pending on his left shoulder.  He also had a prior significant low back injury.   Car Accident: Challenged Faced After months of chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy failed to restore him to his prior health, his right shoulder was MRI’d and showed a labral tear that required surgery. Where he was already on time loss from LnI,

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Dax Jones Secures $320,000+ Settlement for Car Crash Victim

  The candid truth is that an attorney who specializes in car accident claims is best suited to represent you because that attorney will have the knowledge, experience, and tools to make sure that all of your losses are accounted for and represented in the claim. With 20+ years specializing in auto accident claims, Dax Jones is tenacious, diligent, and persistent in his representation of each injured client.  His goal is to exceed your expectations. We treat every case with the same care and attention, no matter whether it be a fender bender or a substantial damages case.  Often what appears to be a minor case can become a significant case once the full extent of injuries is realized and proper treatment is obtained.   Overview Of Our Client’s Car Accident Case On separate dates, our client’s car was struck in the rear end one month apart. He injured his

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