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Guide to Personal Injury Claims ebook

Download our Free Guide to Personal Injury Claims for Bicyclists or Pedestrians Injured by a Motorist


Fill out the form on the right to download your eBook copy of “Pedestrian Accident Aftermath,” an eBook that explains personal injury insurance claims in cases of auto-pedestrian or auto-bicycle accidents.


In this eBook you’ll learn about:

Dax Jones, a professional, experienced personal injury lawyer is on hand to help you receive the treatment that you need free of charge. His law firm will interface with the insurance companies, doctors, and other sources to supply the proper chart notes, documents, and various other forms of proof that are necessary to substantiate a fair insurance claim.

The goal is that you won’t have to pay the medical bills, and you will still be able to receive effective treatment for your injuries that will resolve your pain and restore you to full health.


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