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The Jones Firm is a unique law firm that was founded on several guiding principles: trust, service, and creativity. Each client allows us a lot of trust when they engage our services and we honor that trust through a client-focused manner of practicing law and reaching our client’s goals.

Our firm is premised on serving each client’s needs from the initial meeting and throughout the claims process.

Dax Jones will meet you for the initial meeting at a location convenient to you, he will personally answer your questions throughout the claims process, and he will ensure that his staff is attentive to your needs as well. Respecting you as a person not seeing you as a client file allows Dax Jones to use his decade of experience in trial, arbitration, and settlements to create options that others may not see, which can make a sincere difference to you, the level of treatment you an receive, and how your claim is viewed by the insurance companies when the settlement phase begins.

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