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Ways Accident Reconstruction Expert Can Benefit Your Case

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After the worst has happened — the accident has occurred and you are now recovering — it is common for a dispute to arise about who caused the accident. People remember things differently, even eyewitnesses, and if there isn’t video evidence of what happened, then you will need to get an accident reconstruction specialist involved to determine what caused the collision and who is at fault.


What Is An Accident Reconstruction Specialist?

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Accident reconstruction specialists are forensic engineers who use physics and mathematics to deduce what happened during an auto collision — kind of like Sherlock Holmes, but with cars and 3D modeling abilities.

Reconstruction experts should be allowed to analyze the scene of an accident as soon as possible after a collision. At the site of the collision, they will document all available evidence (e.g. skid marks, metal debris, impact marks, and airbag control modules).

They will also inspect the vehicles involved, noting hair, blood, skin, and any other evidence that can shed light on driver behavior up to and during the crash.

Once the auto accident reconstruction specialist has all the available evidence, the actual reconstruction begins. The reconstruction process involves calculating the speed of the vehicles, based on evidence, and tracking vehicle movements during the collision.

Reconstruction experts use a combination of paper/pen calculations and reconstruction software to determine who hit who and which party is at fault for the accident.

Still not sold on why you should request an accident reconstruction expert for your case? Here are 5 powerful ways that a crash reconstructionist can benefit your case:


1. An Accident Reconstruction Specialist Will Help Determine Which Witnesses Are Telling The Truth

Eyewitness testimony can vary greatly. Someone who saw the wreck occurs from down the street will probably have a different account of what happened than the driver two cars back. As your accident reconstruction expert begins to piece together what happened, this will help your personal injury attorney understand which eyewitness testimonies to use in your case.


2. Accident Reconstruction Results Can Be Used As Powerful Evidence During The Trial

The results of the accident reconstruction effort can be instrumental in demonstrating your innocence or percentage of liability to a judge or jury. This data is especially critical in cases where the current evidence is inconclusive or hands you too much liability for the crash.


3. An Auto Accident Reconstruction Specialist Will Know How To Interpret Mixed Evidence

The different kinds of evidence left behind after a car crash can be confusing to the untrained eye. Photos, cell phone records, witness statements, toxicology reports, and skid marks on the road can all seem to point blame in different directions — that is, until they are examined by an expert who knows how to put all the pieces of data together into a coherent picture. By bringing in a car accident reconstruction specialist, you greatly improve the odds of getting an accurate interpretation of what happened during the accident.


4. A Reconstruction Specialist Can Help You Get The Compensation You Deserve

People are innocent until proven guilty, which means that if it’s your word against the other driver’s testimony, then you probably won’t get the financial compensation you deserve. A car accident reconstruction expert can help shift the case in your favor if they find that the evidence matches your account of what happened.


5. An Accident Reconstruction Specialist Will Be Able To Access Otherwise Unreadable Evidence

After an auto crash, there is a lot of evidence that requires the experienced eye of an accident recreation professional in order to know what it says. An example of this is how reconstruction experts use drag factor analysis (an analysis of skid mark length) and crash analysis (accident replication to compare damage) to shed light on what happened during the collision.

Another way that collision reconstructionists are able to determine the speed at which a vehicle was going is to inspect the point of impact where the vehicle struck a stationary object (e.g. a road barrier or utility pole). By calculating the breaking point of that object, the specialist can then determine how fast the vehicle was going by comparing the impact damage on the original object with the calculated breaking point.


Assemble Your Case-Winning Team Of Experts

Winning an auto collision case and getting the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries requires having a team of experts on your side. Besides being a skilled accident reconstructionist, you also need a strong personal injury attorney to represent you in court. Where a reconstruction professional helps interpret what evidence says, your personal injury attorney will make sure to present this evidence to the court in the most effective way possible.

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