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Complete Overview Of Car Accident Lawsuits

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A Complete Overview of Car Accident Lawsuits

Being involved in a car accident can lead to an extremely stressful few months. Doctors visits, settlement offers, lengthy phone calls with insurance adjusters, taking a leave from work to recover, and finding a trustworthy lawyer all take time.

The months following a car accident are anxiety-invoking for the victims, to say the least. During such a stressful time it is important to understand the actionable steps that can be taken in order to ensure maximum monetary satisfaction. Whether you decide to settle or sue monetary compensation you receive for your injuries may be a determining factor.

Hiring an experienced car accident attorney can be very important if you choose to pursue a car accident lawsuit.

However, many victims of car accidents are uncertain whether they should settle or sue following their accident. On the one hand, settling guarantees them a certain sum, and while that may seem secure. On the other hand, sometimes the proposed settlement is unsatisfactory to the victim because it will not allow them to fully cover their medical expenses and damages.

How To Know When To Settle And When To Sue

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When is it worth it to sue? This is a common question posed by car accident victims about their case. It can be difficult to tell when you should sue and when you should simply settle for what the insurance agency is offering.

Here are several questions to ask yourself as you decide whether or not you would like to build a car accident lawsuit.

  • Is it worth it to sue? If the settlement sum is close enough to what you require for medical and property damages, it may not be worth it to sue.
  • Do you think that your case is strong enough to win a car accident lawsuit?
  • Do you have a seasoned car accident lawyer? Statistics show that those who choose to work with a skilled lawyer have a far greater chance of success in court than victims who choose to represent themselves in court.

If you have answered yes to the above questions, then you should take the route of suing. You have all grounds for building a strong car accident lawsuit.

Consult a Car Accident Attorney

First off, when building a car accident lawsuit, you should first consult your car accident attorney. Your attorney will understand how to properly form a strong lawsuit and present your case in such a way that is most likely to yield satisfactory results.

You should be consulting with your lawyer before you talk with insurance adjusters or sign any forms. Many victims have made costly errors regarding their cases by failing to consult their lawyers prior to speaking with adjusters. Do not put your case at risk by talking with insurance agents or signing documents that haven’t been proofed by your lawyer, it simply isn’t worth it.

What To Know Before Suing Someone

Here are several things you should be aware of when going into a lawsuit. There are both pros and cons associated with each option and so you should be fully aware of these going in.

Pros & Cons Of Suing VS. Settling



Receive compensation faster – although it may be slightly less than what you would like it to be, settling provides you with monetary compensation much quicker than suing would.


You may not receive a satisfactory amount – this is a major con associated with settling. The insurance agent of the offending driver is likely to make you an offer speedily following the accident. This may be before you’ve had much time to process or find yourself a good lawyer. While at first glance the settlement offer may seem generous, when you calculate medical costs, lost wages, emotional distress, and physical suffering too often these offers fall short.



You may receive an amount satisfactory to the cost of your damages. Suing allows you to pursue the just amount that you should be receiving for your damages. An attorney will assist you in calculating the cost of your injuries, lost wages, damages, and pain and suffering. This will ensure that you are fully covered financially as you recover from your injuries.


It will take longer to receive compensation. Suing may delay the process of receiving compensation because your lawsuit will need to be brought to court and heard by a jury.

You could lose the lawsuit—there is always the possibility that you may not win your lawsuit. Thus, resulting in further complications regarding your monetary compensation for your damages.

Case Studies

$1.2+M Wrongful Death Settlements

Do’s & Don’t If You Intend To Sue

As you are weighing whether it is worth it or not for you to sue.

Here are several do’s and don’t regarding each option:


  • Talk about your case – talking about your case with coworkers, friends, and even family can prove an unwise move for your situation. You should be limiting your legal discussion specifically to your lawyer.
  • Sign forms without consulting your lawyer – you should never sign a form regarding your case without first consulting your lawyer and having them examine it. Doing so can damage your case in a multitude of ways and can really cost you.
  • Post about your case on social media – your case and the details surrounding it should be kept private. If you post anything about your case on social media, it then becomes evidence and it is illegal to delete it after that point.
  • Dispose of evidence – evidence comes in all shapes and sizes and some victims dispose of evidence pertaining to their case without even realizing it. Anything that was present or that you believe is pertinent to your case, carefully store and keep it.


  • Take appropriate action immediately – once you have decided to sue, find a trustworthy car accident lawyer to represent you as soon as possible.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor right away. Medical statements serve as evidence in your case and are also a good idea to make sure that you are physically alright following an accident. If you fail to schedule a doctor’s appointment following an accident and you decide to sue, the offending driver may use your lack of medical concern as evidence that you were not truly injured in the accident and are simply suing for monetary gain.

Work With A Reliable Car Accident Lawyer Today

Dax Jones has been representing car accident victims in Seattle and the surrounding area for a decade. He has experience with building strong cases for his clients and is committed to helping you receive satisfactory compensation for your damages.

Contact The Jones Firm today to schedule your free consultation and start getting your life back on track following your accident.

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