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What To Do After Car Accident In Washington

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Being involved in a traffic accident is extremely disorienting. If it is your first time being involved in one, you might be at a loss for what to do after the car accident has occurred.

After contacting the police after your accident, get in touch with your car accident lawyer Bellevue. This will ensure that your accident is processed correctly and you can get the compensation you deserve.

This article details what you should do after a car accident and provides you with a checklist so that you are prepared and know what steps to take following an auto accident.


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Items You Should Have in Your Vehicle in Case of an Accident

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Being prepared can help you avoid having a bad situation devolve into a terrible one. Preparedness can ease the stress of an accident and will help you to know what to do following the collision.

Below is a checklist of items you should always have in your vehicle in order to be prepared after a car accident.


Mobile Phone or Power Bank

Having a dead or nearly dead phone at the time of an accident can cause your situation to become much worse as you have no way of contacting the police, medical help, or recording your story if the other driver was at fault.

Your vehicle should always have a charged power bank and phone charger so that you are able to contact the appropriate people and record all of the important details relating to the accident.


Notepad and Pencil

Having a notepad and pencil handy in case you are involved in an accident will allow you a quick way to jot down phone numbers, license plate numbers, and more. This may prove a more effective way of writing details down by memory as writing details on your phone can prove distracting and cause you to forget important details.


Flashlight and High-Visibility Jacket

A flashlight is always a useful tool and can come in handy in many different ways if you have been involved in a car accident. You may need to view underneath your vehicle or use it to inspect under your car’s hood.

A high-visibility jacket should also make your car accident checklist as it will help keep you safe if you are going to be waiting at the traffic accident location for some time. It will allow other drivers to spot you more easily so that they can safely avoid the accident.


Disposable Camera

If your cellphone happens to be dead or doesn’t have a good camera, a disposable camera may come in handy so that you are able to take photos of the car accident and the damage to your vehicle. These photos will serve as evidence later and will really help you out when it comes to talking with insurance and filing a police report.


Medical Information Card

You should always have the name and number of your general doctor as well as any other medical-specific information in your vehicle in case of an emergency where such info is necessary. Having these cards in your vehicle will ensure that you are able to receive immediate medical help from the right people in case you are unable to make the call yourself.


What to Do After a Car Accident in Washington State?

Here is your checklist for what you should do after a car accident.


Move Your Vehicle and Keep Safety in Mind

Safety should be your number one priority. You might feel disoriented following an accident, this is a normal response. However, you should always try to keep your mind and priority on safety before anything else. Act with caution around busy roadways and make sure that your vehicle is safely out of the path of traffic.


Collect the Other Driver’s Information

Without the proper information, you might not be able to get compensation for your vehicle damage or have insurance cover your medical expenses. Getting the right info is key.

You should get the other driver’s name and contact information as well as the contact information of any other passengers in the vehicle. You should also take down the driver’s insurance information as this will be important when it comes to settling damages.


Write Down the License Plate, Vehicle Model, and Location of the Accident

Any important details concerning the vehicle or circumstances surrounding the accident are always best written down immediately. The license plate number is the most important and should be written down first. After that’s been written down, details like vehicle model, color, and accident location are also details you should record.

Getting the license plate number first will help you if you’re unsure whether the other driver intends to stop or not.


Identify Witnesses

If there have been any witnesses to the accident, it is always a good idea to take down their information as well. Witnesses may need to testify if you wish to take legal action against the other driver and are helpful when it comes to filing reports as well.

You should take down their contact information as well as their story, and record what they say about the accident on your phone.


Act Responsibly, But Don’t Take the Blame

Following an accident, it is very important to keep calm about yourself. Accidents often lead to stressful legal and financial situations so it is important to stay collected and act responsibly. Remember though, acting responsibly does not equate to taking the blame for the accident.

You should never be pressured into taking unnecessary blame and responsibility for an accident that wasn’t your fault. If the offending driver is acting aggressively or trying to give you all of the blame, set him/her straight immediately and let them know that you do not intend to take the blame for something you did not do.

Often times offending drivers will act aggressively and try to talk down the other driver as a way to shut the other driver down and shift the blame. This is why it’s important to understand the law surrounding car accidents and remain collected at the scene of the accident.


Contact a Reliable Attorney Today!

If you have been involved in a car accident and are seeking legal help, it is important to work with a traffic accident attorney. Working with an attorney will ensure that you are able to receive the compensation you deserve to take care of your physical and property damages.

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