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Fell From Ladder At Work

ladder accident

Fell From a Ladder at Work – What Can I Do?

Falling off a ladder at work can be scary and the legal mess that comes with it can be confusing. Workplace injuries are unfortunately common occurrences.

Many people who have sustained a personal injury while in the workforce are unsure of what to do next. Their injury may put them out of the workplace for some time.

Considering legal action is often something that injured employees do, but this leads to many questions and daunting uncertainty.

If you have recently been injured at work due to falling from a ladder, this article outlines what you can do in order to protect yourself financially.

Common Injuries From Ladders

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Broken or Fracture Bones

Falling from a ladder at work frequently results in broken or fractured bones. Common areas to fracture or break are the wrists and hands.

Many people attempt to break their fall by extending their hand which results in their hand and wrist being broken or fractured.

Bruising or Lacerations

Many people attempt to stop their falls by catching on to other things within reach. This wild attempt often leads to deep cuts or bruising.

These injuries are painful and can take several weeks to recover from.

During the recovery time, most people are unable to use their bruised or cut limbs — making everyday life difficult and returning to work all but impossible for those weeks.

Wrist, Hand, & Ankle Sprain

Spraining a limb might keep you off your feet for a while.

A sprain may take weeks or months to heal properly. In other words, it will likely need a lot of care and attention to ensure that it heals properly. You may have to have your wrist or ankle put in a cast to heal, meaning that you likely won’t be able to work for a period of time.


If you wish to receive compensation for your workplace injury, it is essential that you visit a doctor immediately following your fall from a ladder.

Be honest with your doctor about the details and have your doctor provide you with a note about your physical condition. Doctors’ visits and notes are viewed as evidence that may aid you in getting compensation for your workplace injury.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

In conclusion, working with a personal injury attorney will increase your odds of receiving compensation for your injury by a long shot. Speaking with a personal injury attorney will give you a clearer idea of what legal measures you need to take if you want to be compensated for your injury.

To contact a reliable personal injury attorney near you, give The Jones Firm a call today. Dax Jones of the Jones Firm is a well-seasoned personal injury attorney with a passion for justice.

He understands how lost and confused an employee is following a workplace injury and wants to make the legal process less stressful with his services.

Give The Jones Firm a call today to schedule your first consultation.

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