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Legal Action after Wrongful Death

Legal Action after Wrongful Death
There are few words to offer people who lose a loved one prematurely. I have handled wrongful death matters in the Seattle area for more than a decade, and no case is any less troubling than the last. Life is a gift, and when it is taken away through the negligence or mistake of another, words are just not enough to comfort the family of the victim.

But there is much that can be done. Though life is irretrievably lost, our culture uses laws to require a wrongdoer to pay for ending the life of another. Money will not buy back his familiar smile or the silly phase that only she used, but it can provide crucial economic support for the future.

A wrongful death case in Washington is brought by a personal representative of the immediate family of the deceased. In the aftermath of wrongful death, you must contact good legal counsel as soon as possible.

While the time limit for filing a wrongful death action is three years, valuable evidence, testimony, and documentation can be quickly destroyed or forgotten. While a family grieves, our firm gathers needed information to create a strong case for settlement or litigation.

When the unthinkable occurs — there are no words that adequately express profound loss. If your loved one was taken too soon, take action to secure your future, and the future of your family damaged by the negligence of another. Get in touch with a knowledgeable Bellevue wrongful death lawyer right away.


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