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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Everett, WA

Traffic Violation Lawyers in Everett, WA


Many traffic violation tickets aren’t a big deal and are resolvable without an Everett traffic violation lawyer. However, paying a ticket is admitting guilt to the violation. Fines and consequences increase with each ticket until you lose full driving privileges.

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Different Traffic Violation Charges


Most people don’t think they need to speak to an “Everett traffic lawyer near me,” but traffic violations charges can be diverse and cover many infractions, including:

  •     Distracted driving, such as texting or fatigued driving
  •     Driving with a suspended/revoked license or without a properly issued license
  •     Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  •     Failure to yield or stop at traffic signs or traffic lights
  •     Leaving the scene of an accident that you are involved in
  •     Reckless driving, which includes excessive lane changes and excessive speeds
  •     Driving faster than the posted speed limits

If charged with these infractions, it is worth speaking to an Everett traffic ticket lawyer. It may be possible to reduce the charge or typical penalties with the help of a professional Everett traffic attorney.


Serious Traffic Offenses


Speeding tickets might be harmless on your record, but without consulting an “Everett traffic ticket lawyer near me,” infractions such as a hit and run can destroy your driving record.

Serious infractions include those that pose a danger to others or show a blatant disregard for the law, such as:

  •     Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  •     Fleeing the scene of an accident you are involved in
  •     Reckless driving for excessive lane changes and street racing

Serious traffic offenses incur more severe penalties, but an Everett traffic ticket lawyer can help minimize these penalties. The Jones Firm has leading Everett traffic lawyers who can make that argument on your behalf.


Benefits of Hiring Our Traffic Violation Lawyers


The ultimate desired outcome in court is to be found not guilty. An Everett traffic violation lawyer can plead your case for innocence but will help in many other ways, including:

  •     Saving you time
  •     Making the contesting process easier
  •     Negotiating for reduced penalties
  •     Preventing increased insurance rates

Insurance companies raise insurance costs depending on the violation. If a traffic violation lawyer can reduce your charges to speeding rather than reckless driving, you may avoid a significant spike in insurance rates.

Not all Everett traffic attorneys are the same. Do your research when looking for an Everett traffic attorney and consult with someone who understands your circumstances.


Hire the Jones Firm’s Professional Traffic Violation Lawyer in Everett, WA


If you’ve received a traffic violation ticket and are looking for an “Everett traffic attorney near me,” contact our professional and experienced Everett traffic ticket lawyer, Dax Jones. With more than ten years of experience, he is the leading “Everett traffic ticket attorney near me,” able to assess all aspects of your case and discuss your options.

An Everett traffic violation lawyer can help you manage any violation. To speak to a leading “Everett traffic lawyer near me,” contact Dax Jones and the Jones Firm for a free quote.


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