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Truck Accident Attorney in Everett, WA

Eighteen-wheeler accidents can cause severe injury and death and are more common in Everett than in other regions due to our busy trucking corridors. Everett’s local climate can also cause low visibility and slick road conditions that lead to accidents.

Because there are often multiple defendants and plaintiffs in these cases, they can be challenging to navigate, and working with a local Everett truck accident lawyer can help simplify this process from start to finish.

The best truck accident lawyers understand local laws and regulations and will help you build a comprehensive case in the event of a truck accident. By working with you from day one, you can focus on recovery instead of a complex lawsuit.

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Truck Accident Statistics in Everett

With some of the busiest routes in the nation, Everett faces a greater risk of accidents involving an 18-wheeler or semi-truck. Unlike auto accidents that involve passenger vehicles, semi-truck accidents are often much more severe, causing extensive injury or even death.

Due to their weight, length, and high speeds, truck accidents may involve multiple victims sustaining various injuries. More than 130,000 fatalities occur every year due to commercial trucking accidents, and an experienced truck accident attorney can help victims receive fair financial compensation.

No one expects to be involved in a truck accident, and having a trusted truck accident law firm on your side can help during the harrowing aftermath of these traumatic events.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

While truck accidents may be less frequent than minor fender-benders, their damage is considerably more significant. Some common causes include but are not limited to:

  • Speeding: Truck drivers are looking to get to their destination quickly and may be traveling at high speeds, leading to accidents.
  • Distracted driving: This is an increasingly common cause of accidents as smartphones become more ubiquitous, and drivers receive distracting communication or notifications when they should be focusing on the road.
  • Aggressive driving: Erratic maneuvers, tailgating, or slamming on brakes are all considered forms of aggressive driving that can lead to serious truck accidents.
  • Hours of service violations (fatigued driving): New regulations in 2012 require truckers to limit their driving time to 11 hours following 10 hours of consecutive rest. Remaining awake for 18 or more hours is the equivalent of driving drunk. While this is the law, some drivers and logistics firms look the other way on driving while fatigued, and two sets of logbooks may be maintained.
  • Severe weather is the widespread cause in the Pacific Northwest, where slick road conditions can cause a truck to jackknife or hit a vehicle in its path.
  • Road construction: Unexpected lane closures, traffic blockages, or narrow corridors are all issues caused by road construction that can create dangerous conditions and cause truck accidents.
  • Overloading cargo: Operators looking to maximize their boom line may overload their trailers, making stopping or braking more difficult, especially at high speeds.
  • Brake/vehicle failure: When equipment or trucks are not properly inspected and maintained, they can cause significant injury if their brakes malfunction.

Truck accident lawyers will examine the evidence to determine the cause of a crash involving an 18-wheeler and who is accountable for damages and compensation. An experienced truck accident attorney may identify multiple reasons for an accident with more than one responsible defendant, making it imperative to have a professional on your side.

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Why It Is Important to Contact a Commercial Truck Accident Attorney Quickly

In a truck accident, don’t hesitate to contact a truck wreck lawyer. Trucking companies will begin building their case the moment an accident occurs. It would help if you worked with a trusted, local Everett truck accident lawyer to start collecting evidence and building your case.

Insurance policies for commercial trucking companies defend such lawsuits aggressively, and you deserve the same level of dedication for your truck accident lawsuit. Commercial trucking companies will have independent investigators on the scene to protect themselves from litigation.

You may not receive total compensation or damages without a trusted truck accident attorney. Having an experienced attorney in your corner from day one will help you navigate the entire litigation process.

Benefits of Working with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Everett

There are several benefits and advantages to hiring a truck wreck lawyer. They will hold the responsible parties accountable and build a viable case. They will also file all claims in the correct time frame and handle insurance-facing communication and other accident-related paperwork so you can remain focused on recovery.

Your attorney will also help you weigh your options to help you get fair compensation for all injuries, damages, and any other losses.

Insurance and commercial trucking companies are not on your side following an accident. A local Everett truck accident lawyer can help you get back on track following a severe accident.

Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer from The Jones Firm in Seattle, WA

Our Everett Trucking Accident Attorney Can Provide Assistance

We start by conducting an in-person or virtual consultation with no obligation. If you choose The Jones Firm, we will handle all communication with insurance companies, including adjusters and representatives.

Our dedicated team will manage your lawsuit and keep you updated at every step of the process. We can help you navigate Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) should your insurance company request them.

We will build a case around facts and evidence, including eyewitness testimony, company records, vehicle inspections and maintenance records, police reports, and other relevant documents. We will also examine company policies and identify any discrepancies or violations that may have been the root of the accident.

With an experienced truck accident lawyer at your side, you can focus on recovery without worrying about your lawsuit or being manipulated by commercial trucking or insurance companies to get a fair settlement.

Don’t just search “truck accident lawyer near me.” Go with a trusted local Everett truck accident lawyer who will give you peace of mind while working on getting the fairest financial settlement. Contact us today!

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