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Many people don’t realize they have the right to sue an individual who personally injures them. If an individual hurts you through negligent behavior and no fault of your own, you have the right to file a claim or personal injury lawsuit for compensation.

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There are few options for experienced and professional personal injury lawyers in North Bend. The Jones Firm is a personal injury law firm experienced in workplace accidents, vehicle accidents, and bodily injuries, including catastrophic injuries and death.

At the Jones Firm, we have a professional staff ready to evaluate your injury and consider a course of action toward filing a claim or lawsuit. We help explain your options and any potential value for that injury or damage. We fight for your rights so that you do not have to suffer needlessly.

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Types of Personal Injury


Personal injuries happen anywhere at any time. Personal injuries range from minor sprains and fractures to disabling injuries that prevent you from working.


Minor Personal Injuries:

  • Animal attacks, bites, disfigurement, or loss of limb
  • Assault and battery inflicting personal and significant bodily damage
  • Fender benders that cause whiplash, headaches, and immobility
  • Slips and falls on unsafe premises or failure to notify of unsafe premises.


Severe Personal Injuries:

  • Burns from fires and explosions
  • Crushing injuries or bone breaks from falls, batteries, or faulty equipment
  • Defective drugs improperly prescribed or improper dosing
  • Hiking accidents leading to bone-breaking injuries
  • Severe motor vehicle accidents lead to severe life-altering or disfiguring injuries

The difference in the severity of the issue impacts the amount of compensation sought. For example, an animal bite that leaves a flesh wound may not be as severe as an animal attack that causes limb loss or mobility loss.


Common Causes of Person Accident Injury


It is impossible to list every type of personal injury or how those injuries occur because accidents happen in several ways.



A simple assault can inflict severe personal injury. If someone attacks you and inflicts harm, the assailant may be liable for injuries sustained by you regardless of the reason.


Improper Medication or Dosing

If you were wrongfully prescribed medication or given the wrong dosing, the person who prescribed or provided the drug could be at fault. Those mistakes can cause adverse reactions and injuries.


Improper Driving

Drivers who behave negligently put others at risk. If you sustained injuries from a negligent driver, compensation is possible. Negligence includes:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving, including texting or fatigued driving
  • Failure to obey safe driving regulations
  • Failure to yield


Improper Equipment

Personal equipment should be in good working order and operated safely. Owners who do not keep equipment in good working order or who do not handle them safely could be liable. This equipment includes personal weapons, grills, electronics, vehicles, etc.


Unsafe Floors, Walkways, Steps, or Driveways

Whether at a private home or commercial establishment, an unsafe condition could cause an accident. The owner is obligated to make you aware of taking safety precautions. This type of caution is commonly seen in stores when stores place wet floor signs to identify an area that had recently been mopped or had a spill.


Other instances involve

  • Flooring that is sagging or broken in some way
  • Uneven pavement
  • Missing or broken steps
  • Slick or cracked driveways
  • Severe cracks or holes

When discussing where a personal injury is likely to occur, it is also essential to understand what identifies someone as being at fault for the damage. The injured party must answer four questions to determine fault:

  • Did the liable party have a duty to keep you safe or warn you of any dangers?
  • Was the liable party negligent or careless in their actions to keep you safe?
  • Were you injured because of those actions?
  • Did you incur damages from that injury?

If the answer to each was “yes,” the other party may be responsible for your injuries. It would be best if you considered consulting with a “personal injury lawyer near me” as soon as possible.


North Bend Personal Injury Attorney Fair Compensation and Settlements


Determining compensation for a personal injury isn’t cut and dry. It is difficult to place a dollar amount on specific injuries because no two injuries are the same or have the same long-term impacts. Determining compensation begins by identifying the economic damages.

Economic damages refer to lost wages or medical expenses. Lost wages and medical bills have a monetary value. A personal injuries lawyer estimates compensation by multiplying that value by a reasonable percentage, such as 200% or more, to reach an approximate value for non-economic damages such as mental anguish or pain and suffering.


Benefits of Hiring Our North Bend Personal Injury Lawyer


There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer. Determining whether you have a case is very important. Our experienced personal injury lawyers make it their responsibility to reasonably analyze what your compensation might look like and fight for that compensation.

Personal injury lawyers also know the claim or lawsuit process very well. Our dedicated attorneys will ensure you do not miss deadlines for proper filing and strive to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Other benefits include helping you understand the process. Personal injury law can be complex, with multiple settlement offers, at-fault arguments, etc. Our law firm personal injury attorneys will answer your questions promptly and relieve you of unnecessary stress.


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