Redmond Personal Injury Attorney

At The Jones Firm, we understand that the time following a personal injury can be overwhelming and difficult. It is our goal to advocate for victims and families throughout Redmond and help them find effective, professional solutions that get results.

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Personal Injury Attorneys:

Dax Jones is trained in handling a variety of personal injury cases, including auto, pedestrian, motorcycle, and bicycle accident cases. We have developed a network of doctors, neurologists, physical therapists, psychiatrists, and many other physicians to help ensure that clients are well represented and receive appropriate medical treatment. Additionally, we will file a personal injury claim on behalf you, our client, and even interface with your insurance company.

Redmond personal injury attorneys deal with a variety of injuries. From minor cases of whiplash to traumatic brain injuries and serious burns, Dax Jones at The Jones Firm knows how to properly investigate, present, and handle every client’s case so as to attain an appropriate settlement from the insurance company.

Auto Accident Attorneys:

Dax Jones serves as a skilled Redmond auto accident attorney. Because this is one of most frequent fields of legal work, he has become very experienced in dealing with auto accident and property damage cases.

The need for accurate figures, reports, and details from trustworthy life-care experts, including medical and mechanical experts, is critical to filing a successful claim. Dax Jones works closely with his network of connections to establish the client’s case and obtain full compensation from the insurance company.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys:

Pedestrian accidents are common along Redmond roads, and tend to include joggers, walkers, skateboarders, rollerbladers, and even children. Too often, these accidents are caused by distracted drivers. These accidents can be extremely serious and often deadly.

Dax Jones has served as a pedestrian accident attorney for the past 10 years, helping victims and families to find compensation to help them recover from the trauma of the event. His undivided attention helps clients to feel cared for and enables him to pursue every detail of the case.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys:

As biking has slowly risen as a popular method of transportation throughout health-conscious Redmond, so have the number of bicycle accidents that occur as a result of distracted or aggressive drivers. Because of the limited amount of protection that bicyclists wear, they often sustain very serious injuries during the accident. Redmond bicycle attorney Dax Jones has years of experience representing bicyclists in court to help them receive full compensation for their injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys:

In many motorcycle accident situations, the motorcyclist is deemed the one at fault for the accident. In actuality, this is usually not the case. Studies have shown that most motorcycle accidents occur most often when other vehicles fail to give the appropriate space or courtesy to motorcyclists.

Dax Jones knows that in every motorcycle accident case, eyewitnesses must be interviewed and physical evidence must be gathered to ensure that the motorcyclist can be cleared of fault. Dax Jones serves as a motorcycle accident attorney in Redmond for injured motorcyclists seeking full and fair compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

Commercial Trucking Accident Attorneys:

The Jones Firm also assists Redmond families and victims involved in commercial trucking accidents. These situations can be devastating and Dax Jones has a high success rate in this specialized area of the law. With his specialized knowledge and years of experience, Dax Jones is familiar with conducting investigations and can represent personal injury cases as a commercial trucking accident attorney with excellence.

Wrongful Death Attorneys:

With ten years of experience, Dax Jones has developed the experience, skill, and compassion necessary to support families experiencing the pain of a wrongful death. Any delay in filing a wrongful death case can severely reduce the chances of having a successful case, so wrongful death action must be taken shortly after the time of death.

Redmond wrongful death attorneys must be able to pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages, loss of future earnings and enjoyment of life, funeral and burial expenses, in addition to medical expenses and suffering compensation. Dax Jones can help suffering families get the compensation they need following this devastating tragedy.

Construction Accident Attorneys:

While there are laws in place protecting employers from being sued by employees for injuries on the job, third party persons are sometimes injured when near a construction site. Some common causes for these accidents are when property owners do not appropriately repair or replace unsafe materials on their property, or when contractors or architects create hazardous work conditions.

A construction accident attorney in Redmond can help. Even though these cases can be tricky, The Jones Firm has had tremendous success representing injured workers or third party members involved in construction or industrial accidents.

Highway Design Defect Attorneys:

Highway design defect attorneys work with particular kind of auto accident. Many individuals have experienced serious car accidents due to pooled water on roadways, improper signage and traffic lights, lack of guardrails, and much more. Even though running a highway design case against a government entity can be complicated, a highway design defect attorney can help to strengthen the case and obtain positive results. Dax Jones has experience with these cases and can skillfully win your case.

Dax Jones, head attorney at The Jones Firm, is an highly skilled Redmond personal injury attorney that understands the struggles that personal injury victims are faced with. If you or a family member is in need of legal assistance, contact The Jones Firm by giving us a call, sending an email, or filling out our contact form.