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Three Tips For Hiring A Reliable Product Liability Attorney

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Have you been injured due to a faulty product? If you’ve fallen victim to an unforeseen accident, and an item you purchased causes this accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Read more and find out what a product liability attorney does and how they can represent you in the case of a personal injury caused by a defective product. We’ll also go over instances when you may need to retain a product liability lawyer. Wrapping it all up we’ll share three tips for hiring the right product liability attorney for you.

It’s not your fault you’ve been hurt—it’s the fault of the product manufacturer. See how a reliable product liability lawyer can help you get the justice you deserve. Learn about your options.

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What is a Product Liability Attorney?

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A product liability attorney represents consumers who were harmed, injured, or otherwise adversely affected by the purchase and/or consumption of a faulty product.

Product liability lawyers protect consumers. If a company produces and sells any goods that are later determined to be dangerous to the customer, a product liability attorney brings legal consequences.

Product liability law is similar to personal injury law—but not all personal injury lawyers are qualified product liability attorneys. Learn more at the end of the article with our tips on how to hire a reliable product liability lawyer.


When Should I Get a Product Liability Lawyer?

There are many instances where you might find yourself requiring a product liability attorney. Here are just a few examples:

  • Food Poisoning. If you became seriously ill after purchasing and eating pre-packaged or professionally prepared food, you may be able to sue the food manufacturer and/or preparer.
  • Defective Assembly. When a product isn’t properly assembled, it can lead to malfunction. If this product failure results in dangerous consequences—like electrocution, fire, or explosion then the product should have never been sold. A product liability lawyer argues that the manufacturer’s and/or designer’s negligence put the consumer at risk.
  • Lead Poisoning. If you or one of your children purchased a product that was later found to contain lead, you may have grounds to sue the producer for distributing an unsafe product and not warning you.
  • Flammability. Sometimes defective products contain flammable materials. This information must be disclosed to the consumer. If it isn’t, and they’re injured as a result of the product’s flammable nature, then the consumer has grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Suspicion of Danger. Do you suspect you’ve purchased a faulty product that may be dangerous? Even if you haven’t been injured (yet) you can still consult with a product liability lawyer. Your discovery may be cause for a product recall or a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer.


Three Tips for Hiring a Reliable Product Liability Attorney

Thinking it’s time to consult with a product liability lawyer? Here are a few tips for hiring a reliable product attorney to represent you.

1. Get Your Free Consultation

If you’ve never met with this lawyer before, they should offer you a free consultation. This is your opportunity to share your concerns and talk about your accident. Your potential product liability attorney will give you free advice and help you figure out if you have a case or not.

2. Ask About Past Cases

Any attorney that knows product liability law will happily boast about their track record. Find out what manufacturers, retailers, and designers they’ve been up against. Be sure that the attorney you’re speaking with has specific experience in product liability litigation—not just personal injury lawsuits.

3. Determine Your Category of Litigation

What’s one of the fastest ways to know if you’ve found a reliable and experienced product liability lawyer? Ask them what category your lawsuit could fall into. While there can be several specific causes for a product liability suit, each fits into one of three categories:

  • Faulty Product Design: the way in which the product was designed and created is why the product is defective.
  • Defective Product Manufacturing: the creation, assembly, and/or production of the product is the cause of the danger.
  • Insufficient Safety Warnings or Precautions: when the designer and/or manufacturer failed to warn the consumer of potential safety hazards related to the product.


Case Studies

$1.2+M Wrongful Death Settlements


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