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Flipped Car Crash in Seattle 

flipped car accident

According to News Break, a car lost control and was overturned at the intersection of 12th and Roxbury. Witnesses took pictures showing the Mercedes-Benz vehicle flipped upside down. The report went on to state that the driver was driving erratically and lost control.  Two people were injured in the crash and both were taken to the hospital. If you’ve been injured in an accident and suffered injuries, you may want to contact a Seattle car accident injury lawyer. Our law firm fights to protect the financial rights of auto accident injury victims. For over 15 years Seattle personal injury lawyer Dax Jones has helped our clients recover millions of dollars.

Don’t assume that just because you have insurance or the party at fault as insurance, you’re safe. Unfortunately, too often insurance companies play games and try to wiggle out of paying an injury claim. However, you have options. You have rights, and the state of Washington enforces those rights. Contact a Seattle car accident lawyer to learn more about your rights to financial compensation after suffering an injury.


Seattle Auto Accident Injury Lawyers

There are a lot of Seattle auto accident injury lawyers. In fact, if you’ve been recently hurt in a crash, and you’re attempting to figure out which lawyer to hire, you may be running into issues.  While having lots of injury attorneys to choose from seems helpful, it can also be extremely confusing.  It seems like every law firm claims to be the best Seattle car crash lawyer, or states they’ve won the most money for accident victims.  Truthfully, there is no such thing as the best car accident attorney in Seattle. What is important is to find an attorney that you trust and believe will fight to protect your rights.

So, with so many different Seattle personal injury law firms to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, for starters you can contact a Seattle car crash lawyer and schedule a free consultation. That’s right, most personal injury lawyers do not charge you for a consultation. So, unlike other areas of law where you have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars just to speak to an attorney, that’s typically not the case for accident victims.

Dax Jones is an award-winning Seattle injury lawyer. If you would like to schedule A free consultation for the car accident attorney in Seattle please call (425) 256-2351 now.


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Have you been hurt in an auto accident? Do you have questions about financial compensation or how to get reimbursed for medical expenses? Call (425) 523-2351 now to schedule a consultation with a car crash lawyer in Seattle. Our Law Firm is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we’re here to help you even on the weekends. If you’re too hurt to come to us we can even visit you in the hospital. Don’t delay, there’s no risk to calling our law firm, we charge no upfront fees. Let one of our skilled Seattle injury lawyers help you and your family today.


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