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Fatal Auto Accident Attorneys in Seattle

Fatal Auto Accident Attorneys in Seattle 

According to The Seattle Times, 7 people were seriously injured and 1 individual lost their life in a 3-car crash. The King County Sheriff’s Office arrested and detained one of the drivers, who is suspected to have been under the influence.  The fatal crash took place on Kent Black Diamond Road around 8 p.m. on August the 4th. King County, unfortunately, experiences multiple fatal accidents per year. If you, or a loved one, have been seriously hurt in a crash you may want to contact an attorney. If however, you’ve lost a loved one in a crash, you may need to seek financial justice. We can help. Call us now at (425) 523-9500 to speak with fatal auto accident attorneys in Seattle.

First and foremost our law firm extends our deepest sympathies to all those involved in the crash. While no amount of money can replace a lost loved one or fully compensate for your pain and suffering, you do deserve financial justice. Our Seattle fatal car crash lawyers understand the complexities of wrongful death cases. We know how to fight to get you paid, and we handle everything for you, that way you can focus on healing.

No one wants to talk about fatal accidents and dealing with the legal battle of obtaining a financial settlement. However, should you find yourself in a similar position as the article above, you have resources. Contact our King County personal injury law firm now to learn more about the types of auto accident cases we represent. You can also keep reading today’s blog article. Remember, we’re here to help you 24 hours a day.


Why Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer After a Fatal Crash?

If you and your family are suffering after losing a loved one, our hearts and prayers are with you. As we mentioned above, no one wants to talk about money or fighting an insurance company after the loss of a family member. Unforutnelty, if your loved one is leaving behind a family (especially young children) you may need to consider a death claim. Most people are not sitting around on a large savings account. In addition, not everyone has a life insurance policy or a will in place on an untimely death.

So, if you’re asking yourself “why hire an auto accident lawyer after a fatal crash” here are some reasons. Remember, our blogs and website don’t provide legal advice. Instead, we publish our opinions. Now, after working in personal injury for as long as we have, we’ve seen a thing or two. However, if you would like to discuss a case, or if you have any questions about injury law and the process of getting paid, call us. We provide FREE personal injury consultations in Seattle and King County, WA.


Case Studies

$1.2+M Wrongful Death Settlements


Coping with the Loss of a Loved One After an Auto Accident

The number one reason we believe you should retain an attorney is to heal. You and your family need time to cope, time to morn, and you don’t want to attempt to grieve while fighting with insurance companies. Remember, insurance agencies nowadays try to over-scrutinize almost every auto accident claim. Insurance firms hire adjusters, underwriters, and powerful attorneys in an effort to cover themselves from financial losses. They LOSE money when they pay out on an injury claim. Wrongful death lawsuits can ask for millions of dollars. So don’t be surprised that an insurance company will weigh their opportunity cost and fight a death claim payout.

Coping with the loss of a loved one after an auto accident is tough enough. Trying to take on an insurance company will only add to your mental anguish. Let a trusted personal injury lawyer help you and your family today. Call our fatal auto accident attorneys in Seattle now to schedule a free consultation.


Obtaining the Financial Justice You and Your Family Deserve

As we’ve mentioned multiple times, insurance companies don’t line up to pay you after an accident. Contrary to what we’re “sold” during StateFarm and Allstate commercials, insurance adjusters are NOT our friends. No, insurance companies are playing a financial “betting game” with you and the money you pay for your coverage. Their betting that the majority of people WON’T need to call upon their coverage. So they are collecting “free” money essentially.

For those who DO NEED to call upon their policies or the policies of the party at fault in say a serious crash, insurance companies FIGHT. That’s where personal injury lawyers come into play. We FIGHT for the rights of accident injury victims and their families. Injury lawyers are focused on obtaining the financial justice you and your family deserve.


Best Car Accident Attorneys in Seattle

If you’ve been hurt in a crash, and you’re online searching for the best car accident attorneys in Seattle, we urge you to stop. First, there is no such thing as the best Seattle car crash lawyer. Second, we believe the best way to find an attorney is to talk to one. That’s why we offer free consultations, and we’re open all day, seven days a week. Dial 425-256-2351 to call a Seattle auto accident attorney open 24 hours. Oh yeah, one more thing, about finding a quality injury lawyer. Seattle car accident attorney Dax Jones has over 60 glowing five-star reviews.


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